My Geranium’s by Amy Skeens

This is a post my wife wrote this past January 2011. I just re-read it and was encouraged and challenged…again, so I wanted to re-post it on this new blog. I think you will be encouraged and challenged as well.

Don’t you love it when the Lord comes for an unexpected visit and uses His creation to open your eyes and heart to a revelation. It is such an act of grace when He so easily, in all His wisdom and creativity, decides to show us personally how much He knows us and loves us. I find myself at my kitchen sink rhythmically washing all my little ones  plastic dishes and cups from the past day. What a “normal” and common time for a mother. This specific day I enjoy being able to look out my front kitchen window and just open my heart to a deep dialogue with Him…really, just a prompting from Him for me to recognize His Greatness and Goodness. Thank you Lord for putting in me an understanding of You…a presence much bigger and much more exciting than what my dishwashing life has to offer.

I look out and scan the street of homes, trees, yards and my mind hungers for some bigger story, a romance that beats this, at times, monotonous job as a mommy. My eyes find their way to my geraniums in my front flower bed, right outside, under my nose. I see how cold they have been by there droopy stems and the shriveled once brightly colored blossoms. I almost gasp in pain–only a gardener understands this :). My poor geraniums. You see, It’s uncommon in Phoenix for it to freeze for more than a night or two in a row, but we had just had quite a few nights in a row which has caused damage to my usually hearty breed of flowers.

Oops, I haven’t covered them…I have lost sight of them in the busyness of life. Hmmmm….what am I going to do to get them healthy again?

I began brainstorming of all the different ways I was going to pour some energy and time into restoring these flowers that I had planted and been tending for months. For sure, some miracle grow…pruning off the dead parts…pray for warmer days…cover them if it freezes again. I get excited about taking part in and watching dead things come back to health and beauty.

It was right then, as if the Lord was right beside me, wanting to give me a revelation–to open my eyes. Not a big religious revelation or a grandiose religious experience, but as an everyday mentor, a teacher…teaching His disciple, His apprentice, His child, me.

There are people in your life, yourself included that have experienced quite a winter, just like those flowers. You know who I am referring to. How are you going to intentionally restore them? I want you to put intentional effort into restoring life, warm life and love into their being just as you would these flowers.

I immediately loved what I heard, but it only took a few seconds for me to start worrying about whether I could get it right. How would I know what to do exactly and how much?

I WILL show you how to restore life. You will listen and I will show you.

Oh I felt so relieved and excited…first because I love hearing from my God, but also because my boring little morning became a bit more of an exciting romance. He loves me and wants to lead me. He is a good Shepherd and I am never alone. He is with me and wants to speak to me beautiful parallels of His creation. Those geraniums are a picture of my disciples…of whom I am responsible to pump His love and life into in the coming months.

Do you know anyone around you that you love dearly that you have seen or are in the midst of a cold winter season? Hard hearts, frozen? Shriveled up and not wanting to be open or vulnerable, self protective? Deadness, hard time breathing in and enjoying the warmth of the new life He gives us? Who are your geraniums?

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