Do We Pay Enough Attention to Prayer?

This is an email from Selina Alonzo at Kineo Church to our leaders / core group. Selina heads up the prayer ministry at Kineo and God has used her in some really amazing ways since she began this ministry. I thought that it would be edifying to share her email on this blog (with her permission of course) and my prayer is that it convicts you and moves you to daily encounter the living God more intimately. Be blessed:
Over the past several months I have been asking God to teach me why we pray… The things that are being reveled to me might not be new to those of you O.G. prayer warriors, but for me they have been huge.When I asked God… “Is prayer really that important to You?” He responded, “Yes”… and so then I asked, “Will you show me why?” (WARNING: never ask God to show you something, and mean it, unless you want your life to be utterly wrecked)
So this is what God has shown me…
When we enter into our relationship with Him, the Master God, we do that through prayer. For everyone that looks different – some come kicking and screaming, others through a quiet whisper, some in desperate tears, while others still come in complete silence – but all are prayer. Whether audible or not- the moment we confess to the Lord that we need His salvation we are communicating to the God of the universe through prayer. This mystery is uniquely designed by His craftsmanship. He could have had it millions of different ways – but he chose prayer.
The most important choice we ever make, the most vital, most momentous, most significant, most crucial relationship we ever will have, the moment that decides our forever – begins with prayer.  Friends – that is a BIG deal. It’s Huge. It’s Powerful.Why did God choose it to be that way? I am still not sure, and so that is part of my on-going dialogue with Him as he moves me through this season of learning to love an active prayer life. But what I do know is that if I don’t pay attention to prayer, then I am a fool. Andrew Murray says in one of his books that a life of prayerlessness is sin. That seems harsh, but when you look at the design of prayer, and how God ordained it to be the way in which we get to begin our relationship with Him – then Mr. Murray is right. If we are not prayerful, if we are not giving ourselves over to prayer with our Father, if we are not honoring the gift that He who loves us has created for us – then we really are foolish and sinning.

I’m just sayin’…

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