Community at Kineo

My dad, Med Skeens, recently posted this to our core group at Kineo and I thought it was worth reposting on this site to share with you all what community should look like within the church:

I just want to share my heart and the BLESSINGS of community. There are at least seven things that community groups do that are not usually seen in large church gatherings. Trust me on this one…

1. We pray for those who don’t know Jesus. Talk to our community group peeps and they will show you their list of people they pray for on a daily on a daily basis, such as: unsaved family, friends, and neighbors, etc… you name it!

2. We share the Gospel. It is a very natural part of their Christian walk to share the Gospel with people they encounter in their daily lives. Christ has made such a difference in their lives, and they cannot help but share with those they come in contact with.

3. We plan things that are evangelistic. Community groups plan regular evangelistic events inviting those they are praying for to attend concerts, outdoor street meetings, special programs, family conferences, DVD/Videos, invited guest speakers, neighborhood evangelistic door-to-door blitzes, meals, etc… you name it!

4. We visit and minister to the sick. Our goal is to love our lost friends, neighbors and family in times of crisis. We are about visiting sick people outside of our church family, praying for healing and ministering to lost family and friends during difficult times.

5. We are not distracted by secondary theological issues. We certainly have our share of problems and distractions, but they are more along the lines of things like: Who are supposed to be baptized? How to counsel people with serious issues? How to discern if someone is demon possessed or just emotionally unstable? How to handle tough theological questions… AND why doesn’t God always heal someone when they are prayed for? All questions are good and deserve an answer, but the gospel is the core of what we’re about.

6. We are intentionally focused on evangelism as a life style. Our community group peeps will tell you that their ministry is to win and disciple people to Christ as a life style… We expect God to give us opportunity to share the Gospel and are consciously praying and working to fulfill God’s Will, advance the Kingdom and display God’s BEAUTY… This IS the great commission!

7. We encourage each other to value friendships and treasure relationships with our lost friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. We hang out in our neighborhoods with our neighbors, visit them in their homes, minister to them in times of need and invite them into our homes… How are we ever supposed to win people to the Lord if we have little or no relationship with the lost? How is a Christian supposed to win lost people if they do not even know any? We should know plenty of lost people and be burdened for their salvation.

We at KINEO CHURCH have great worship services and solid biblical preaching and teaching, but if we are not winning people to Christ, baptizing, making disciples, and teaching them to observe all that Jesus commanded, are we really a healthy New Testament Church?

2 thoughts on “Community at Kineo

  1. Curious…do your small groups follow any set of questions to answer when you meet weekly such as: 1) what have you read this week in God’s Word and how have you applied it to yourself? 2) What are you doing to evangelize to the lost? 3) How can we pray for you?

    • Not really. Our community groups are more outreach/mission based than accountability. Much accountability comes out of relationships in CG’s though. We have Surge groups that ask those questions. Surge is our leadership development/discipleship for top level church leaders (elders, CG leaders, Bible study leaders, deacons, etc…)

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