The Power of Attraction

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The other day, I was walking from 7th Ave. and McDowell to 12th Ave. and Monroe for a meeting. I was near my meeting place, when this lady and her boyfriend were waiting in front of a home to rent, and she walked up to greeted me as the one they were supposed to meet. I told them, “I’m not the guy, but can I take a picture of you two. I have a blog and I capture faces and stories…” She bounced with joy and said “Yes!” as she began talking about the right place to take the photo. Her boyfriend clearly wasn’t down with it, but he passively and reluctantly followed; it was clear that he liked her, a lot.

Guys don’t pose for a stranger! I call that the power of attraction. Who and what we are attracted to have a lot of power over us and the environments we would be willing to move into. It made me think, what or who am I attracted to? What environments are my attractions moving me into? How am I being shaped by my attractions? What about you? Would love to have you add your thoughts about the power of attraction, and how have you been negatively or positively influenced by your attractions.

For this boyfriend, it seems that his attraction to her is moving him towards dying to himself and willing to be uncomfortable for the joy of another.

8 thoughts on “The Power of Attraction

  1. What a great analogy for taking up your cross Jeff. You asked some really pressing questions here. He sure didn’t look on board, but when you love someone or something you are willing to do just about anything. Jesus said that where our heart is, there too will our treasures be. I’m digging the blog!

  2. Interesting. Well, I think that attractions in general are kind of neutral. We can have sinful, selfish attractions but also God-given, God-glorifying attractions. But, here’s a more positive example. God lead me to start going to Kineo because I was attracted to the way the people there handled their emotions to go along with proper doctrine. I was attracted because I saw a little bit more of humanity redeemed and I somehow knew I should be a part of a group of people like that. Thank God for putting that on my radar and beginning the process of breaking free from numbness!

  3. Jeff, I just really love your audacity. The fact that you are so willing to ask and open up conversation with strangers is beautiful. I’ve been praying that God would show me what boldness looks like and was really encouraged by this… 🙂

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