Rich Christians

The controversial and overly criticized Ron Sider, author of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger says in his book, “Do you know how long it would take to improve the lot of the poorest one billion by 50%–using just 1% of global ‘Christians’ income? Less than one year!” He goes on to say, “In 1960, the 20% of the world’s people living in the richest nations had 30 times more than the poorest 20%. B 1997, the richest had 74 times as much. But the percentage of their giving had dropped dramatically.”

This always ruffles feathers, and it always gets a few voices stirring that begin to say, “This is not helping the church to bring up shortcoming this large”; or “Stop being so critical”, etc. This is not intended to be a divisive or mean spirited post, it’s simply to continue putting out in front of us what is going on everywhere, we just don’t always see it or acknowledge it. The reality we are in is that Christian and non-Christian financial giving towards charity is very similar, around 2% of gross income.

Just saying, we need to be challenged a little bit and continue to ask what we are called to in this journey of doing justice and loving mercy. I’m certainly always challenged when confronted with realities like these, especially because I am one of the rich Christians in an age of hunger. Who’s up for being challenged this year to live radically different for the sake of displaying our great King?






2 thoughts on “Rich Christians

  1. This book has really shaken me up and challenged me. I started reading it about a year ago and am still processing what it means to be generous.

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