Just Tryin’ to Find a Way to Eat

IMG_0825This is Juan. I walked by him today while I was downtown and I asked him what he’s up to today, and he said, “Just tryin’ to find a way to eat man.” Then he asked me if I had any change. I gave him the change I had in my pocket. Some people make a commitment not to give money to guys like Juan because they are afraid they’ll use it for drugs or alcohol. I normally feel that way too, but today when I encountered Juan (who was alone on a crowded street), I was reminded that Jesus gave much more to me, and he ‘knew’ I would waste much of it on things that brought death to my soul. So I thought to myself, “I’ll trust Juan with 89 cents and hope he puts it towards food. If not, it’s on him.”

2 thoughts on “Just Tryin’ to Find a Way to Eat

  1. I use to think that if I gave they woukd use it for drugs and whatever. Then the Lird reminded me of a verse where it says. I was hungry and you did not feed me. The disciples said Lord when did we not do this? Jesus said the least you do to these you have done it to me.

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