A Beautiful Jewel


This is Jewel. I was at the A2J community garden taking some photos and video footage, when Jewel walked up to me and said, “This is beautiful (pointing to the garden). Did you do all of this?” I told her, “No, but I know a really cool group of friends who’ve committed to live in this neighborhood and display the love of Jesus in cool ways like investing in a garden like this.” I told her about the prayer house next door as well and all the other amazing things that A2J does in this community.

She lit up! She proceeded to tell me that she comes by here every now and then, but has never really noticed the garden. I asked her where she lives. She told me, “I’m staying on Watkins at a shelter right now. That’s where God has me to be a light for Him. Where He tells me to go, I listen, and that’s where He has me.” It was a beautiful jewel to share a few minutes of eternity with her today. She was definitely full of Christ’s love (Light!). Keep the Light shining Jewel.

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