The Refuge Coffee and Wine Bar (a place of justice!)


The Refuge Café is a Catholic Charities business venture that is providing much-needed funding to nonprofit organizations throughout the Valley. Catholic Charities is committed to the poor, and over the years state funding has dwindled, so they took the initiative to be creative and find more ways of funding justice. They’re a neighborhood coffee shop and wine bar at 4727 N 7th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85013 (On 7th Ave. just south of Camelback). Inside The Refuge Café you’ll see hand-crafted art made mostly by refugees from around the world, as well as handmade purses, jewelry, artwork, and sculptures for sale for the antiquers out there. For the “coffee-shop-office-type”, they do have free WiFi and sofa chairs!

But the real sale of this place is that with every cup of coffee, every plate of food, every late night drink, or hand-crafted item you by, you’re helping local charities serve the poor. Good food, private label coffee (“Café Esperanza”) and end of the day drinks, for the sake of benefiting the poor in the community… what are you waiting for? Go there today, don’t complain about how much it costs you consumer you, and let your friends know about this justice spot!

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