She’s a Survivor


This is Felicia Gaston. She’s a breast cancer survivor. Actually, she’s been battling cancer for 10 years, as she has battled homelessness and poverty as well. The cancer is back in the other breast and she was on her way to an appointment. She read the sign out in front of the A2 J Prayer house around 12th ave and Van Buren, and walked in because the sign made her feel welcome to come in for prayer. She talked my head off for 10 minutes, then she left, and didn’t want prayer really. She wanted to talk to someone about what she had been going through and then wanted a hug. She told me how God has gotten her through all of this and before she left, I said, “You’re a fighter!” She looked at me and said, “I’m a survivor!” I said, “Thank God. God bless you Felicia and I’ll be praying for you.” My time with Felicia reminded me that poverty is a lack of friendship, and thanks be to God that today she wasn’t poor. If you think about it, pray for Felicia as she battles many things that are working towards her defeat, mostly, lack of friendships.

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