Hope Fest… this Saturday!


Hope Fest is among us. I wanted to take the time in this post to let you know about this city wide event if you don’t already. Now, if you know me, you know that I’m not a fan of “big Christian events”, but let me tell you why I love this event.

Hope Fest Phoenix (brought to us by CityServeAZ) connects our city, in my opinion, more than any other event out there. The passion and commitment of Hope Fest is this:

“To meet the immediate needs of our uninsured, underinsured and underserved neighbors, and then connect them to resources that facilitate long-term solutions, independence and stability. Through a collaboration of helping agencies, organizations and individuals thousands of people receive FREE medical, dental, vision, food, housing, haircuts, clothing, personal care products, employment services, child safety needs and so much more.”

This happens on one day, but impacts lives forever. The personal testimonies I’ve seen and heard first hand from those who have had life changes and opportunities from this event is one big reason why I love this event. I also love this event because it brings together major institutions, businesses, civic leaders, non-profits, and churches who work together, collaborate, and share resources for the sake of the poor… have you ever seen such city-wide collaboration for the poor?

This smells like good news. The poor are served and given opportunities for advancement, they get connected to local churches and other resources to help them on their journey, and fresh new look at the body of Christ in Phoenix is seen and experienced… and the good part of it is this; it’s not done in the traditional American Christianese kind-of-way. They don’t have to sit and listen to sermon before they are fed or receive services. The sermon is experienced. Christ becomes tangible, and believe Christ is overjoyed because of it.

I want to put in the spotlight two people who have committed and sacrificed time and resources to make this happen year after year so we can be sure to pray for them this week as they carry the weight of this event (and to be sure, there are many others to be honored as well who carry a huge load for this event):

Meet Terrilyn Miller and Billy Thrall:

           IMG_0935    2014-01-22 12.45.05

To help support them and their ministry at City Serve, click here!

Thanks Terrilyn and Billy for all you do and thanks to the over 2400 volunteers, 150 service providers, the Department of Economic Security in AZ for your huge partnership and commitment to this event, and to all those who financially and relationally help make this happen.

2 thoughts on “Hope Fest… this Saturday!

  1. Would anyone know what time people start lining up for hopefest. Or how early we can start lining up outside.

    • Jaime,
      People will be lining up probably as early as Friday afternoon I think. But if not Friday, then very early Saturday morning.

      Blessings to you!

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