Weekly @Switchfoot Song: Underwater

Following along Switchfoot’s first album, the third song on The Legend of Chin (1997) is the song “Underwater”. I think the song speaks for itself, if you pay attention to it when you listen (or read it):

It’s in her head
It’s in her mind
She can’t believe it
Can’t believe she’s running
Out of time

And any hold
That she can find
Something to lean on
Everybody fails her
Half the time

Nothing to be
She’s already been
Plenty of time
Plenty of time
Plenty of time

She lights her candle
6 a.m.
Starting a new one
Every new one hits her
Just the same

Just like clockwork
She climbs down
Into her bottle
No one down there cares
To know her name

She’s underwater
Nowhere now
Underwater upside down
The rising tide won’t
Find her now
She’s lost and found

She’s underwater
But she won’t drown
She can’t believe it
And every one she meets
Feels just the same

It takes all day to
Get to tonight
What makes the sunset
And what makes it go back
To where it came

She’s underwater
Nowhere now
She’s underwater
Upside down
The rising tide won’t
Find her now
She’s lost and found
Now she’s upside down
Now she’s six feet down


We live in a fast paced world, with people working night and day just to get by, to make a buck, or maybe even find some happiness in this existence. Everyone’s “running out of time,” and there’s not enough hours left in the day… that is, until you’ve been consumed and spit out by the system that eats up dreams, and women, and families, and husbands. There’s not enough time, until you realize, what you’re “running” in can’t be trusted, neither can the people you’re “running” with. We all fail each other, and each time it happens, it still hurts… and no matter who you run to or where you go, the problems are still the same.

So you wait all day just to get to the night, or that place of escape for yourself. In this story it’s the bottle, drowning her pain and lostness by a chemical that gets to her head. We know this story all too well, but what we don’t know, is that we all have a “bottle” we run, that numbs us from feeling, from living truly, that masks us from reality. I know this is true, because we live in a world of too much pain and loss, how could we possibly live in reality everyday. Genocide is happening today. 10’s of thousands of children are dying today. Right now there’s a child being sexually abused, a woman being raped, a man or woman cheating on their spouse, a kid getting bullied at school, a suicide bomber making plotting his next heroic move, a little girl being sold in slavery, families being forced from their country being torn from their loved one. We all live at a certain level of numbness to make it in this life.

The lady in “Underwater” represents the problem of modern humanity. When nothing is sacred anymore, all is consumed, no matter how hard you try not to be, so we are all addicts struggling not to be controlled.

At the core, the drug addict isn’t running to drugs because he made a series of bad decisions. He runs to them because they have become the one thing that can provide relief from pain, pleasure, and an escape.

At the core, the porn addict doesn’t run to the computer screen or the bookstore because he/she has let his mind go too far. He runs to it because it’s giving him something that relieves him from the lack of intimacy, acceptance, and pleasure that this world promised, but failed to deliver.

At the core, the workaholic doesn’t work all the time because he/she is so in love with what she does. She works all the time because it gives her a sense of significance, acceptance, or the right kind of living.

The same can be said about the shopaholic, the Facebook addict, and the one who controls their eating, their relationships, or their children. At the heart of all of these addictions is a deep idol (a wanna be god) that drives us to satisfy “it”, a desire that has convinced us that “this” is the one thing that can fill our deep, empty wells.

As “holy-ones-of God”, our goal is to be addicted to Jesus, craving to live in his truth, which actually harmonizes us with reality. Apart from the reality that is found in Christ Jesus, everything else is a fake-counterfeit-reality, a fraudualent-directionless-desire, that leaves us upside-down-and-inside-out… underwater.

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