What is Kineo?

Kinéō (Greek): to move, to put in motion

“If you claim to stand in a rushing river, yet you are not moved, then you are not standing in a rushing river.” Unknown

Kineo. This is an idea more than an entity. An ethos more than a mission. Kineo is not as concerned with the “How do you become successful” or the “What do you do” questions. No, this is an ethos that is committed to answering the “Who are you” and the “Why do you do what you do” questions, the life changing questions. Kineo is a new way to be human, an habitual spirit of a community of justice and love, displayed in what it desires and how it behaves. Kineo is a call to move. To listen. To see. To stand. To hold. To fight. For the vulnerable. For the marginalized. For the broken. For the grieving. For the lonely.

Kineo is a corrective voice to the dominant culture to help open eyes and ears to voices and stories that have been lost in the wreckage of Western development. It’s a corrective voice for entrepreneurs of the future to consider a new way of business and profit, of shared values and community engagement. It’s a corrective call to break the silence of the powerless, and to pave new ways of success and healing from trauma. It’s a corrective voice to the old forms of the gathered church to consider alternative communities: slow, organic churches, neighborhood parishes, shared living communities, communities that rediscover the power of proper lament, rest, and the sacramental life.

It is within this idea, this ethos, that Kineo was birthed. It’s our desire for this ethos to penetrate hearts and minds, to begin to take shape in neighborhoods and businesses, families and faith communities, cities and states. It’s a movement with no real form. It’s an underground erosion of the soul that moves people to begin alternative ways of doing life, caring for the marginalized, regaining hope, experiencing beauty, and boldly loving to brings about change. Will you be a part of the movement? It’s your choice. This is your world. You’re shaping what it’s like every day you’re alive.


Kineo is partnered with Antioch Network (AN) for spiritual covering and accountability. Antioch Network has an international team of leaders that Kineo is a part of who are engaged in works of reconciliation and justice across the globe. There are staff members in Phoenix who we are in intimate friendship and partnership with, as well as a team of leaders serving in over 15 countries throughout the world. This is significant to Kineo, as we desire to be connected to the whole diverse people of God.

We Need Your Support

We believe that paying attention to the ‘lived’ theology in our lives will give people a glimpse of authentic faith among the vulnerable and the powerful, to give hope to those who have none today. We can’t do this alone. This takes a whole tribe. Many different traditions and disciplines are necessary for this kind of renewal. Creative new works must be and are being formed, and the vulnerable and marginalized need lots of people fighting for their equality of service and opportunity.

We would like to invite you to consider financially supporting us as we are connecting and networking people all over the city to live out this new ethos. If you feel led to give to this work, you can give tax-deductible contributions online through CityServeAZ HERE. You will be prompted to either make a one-time donation or you can sign up for automatic monthly withdrawals. On this page, you will need to specify the payment for Jeff Skeens in the “Additional Comments” box. Feel free to email with any questions at Thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Kineo

  1. Hi. I live in Mesa between Center and Brown, There has been an infux of crime, that I honestly believe would be tempered by planting a community garden in the lot next to CVS. Even unused land in the complexes. I believe it will temper crime and graffitti. I am REALLY hoping you see the same. Please help me implimate this green, urban , community garden.
    Call…Jodi at 480-352-0943. best to reach through the phone. Internet is down a LOT! Thanks!
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    • I will be in touch with you. We are having a community gardening gathering soon that you should come to. It would be a great place to connect with people who could help you, or at least connect you with other who you should connect with on your side of town. Community gardens in empty lots defintely do help neighborhood crime.

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