Kineo is all about projects and people in the urban core of Phoenix. Our desire is to share the stories of the dark horses in Phoenix, and to raise awareness of their needs and other urban renewal projects that are going on and/or that need your help. Doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly is of chief concern as we labor towards urban renewal in these three areas in the greater Phoenix area:

Community Development

KIneo is currently partnered with an organization called Rehoboth Place (which is a CDC, Community Development Corporation) in regards to community planning and development in the Camelback Corridor (I-17 to 43rd Ave and Bethany Home to Indian School), seeking to aid in an urban development plan that helps the neighborhood, but doesn’t overlook the powerless dark horses, as the powerful get what they want. A current project we are working on is centered around a two acre lot near 37th Ave and Camelback, and we are looking to develop it with mixed-income, affordable housing and a neighborhood gathering space. We are also in an informal partnerships with Neighborhood Ministries and Apprenticeship to Jesus who care about and labor towards these ends as well.

City Networking

Kineo is also partnered with an organization called City Serve AZ. Through this partnership, we have been a part of gathering city leaders who are committing over the next few years to have a city consultation with the goal of bringing more communication and unity across different faith commitments. Ray Bakke and Jon Sharpe are informal partners with us in this endeavor and will continue to come to Phoenix to aid us in this grassroots effort. Along with this, Kineo is involved in gathering Protestant and Catholics together, to pray, worship, and collaborate in Phoenix for the sake of Christ’s reputation. Join the John 17 movement and figure how to create space in your life for new relationships outside of your tribe. 

Theology and Psycholgy

Finally, Kineo is working alongside Dr. Michael Goheen, Tyler Johnson and Chris Gonzalez of the Surge Network. Over the last few years, they have been tirelessly laboring over a new Missional Training Center that has launched a new Masters of Art in Missional Theology. Kineo is also committed to providing trauma care for those in Phoenix who have a difficult time affording help working through their stories of pain. We believe that healing comes when we are brave enough to move into the traumatic dark places of life to bring the light of Christ. We also believe in helping people tell their stories with truthfulness, and without shame, and with telling stories, comes learning toisten as well. We believe in training people to ‘listen’ to the stories of those in darkness with compassion and wisdom, so that those in darkness may experience the heart and healing of the true wounded healer, Jesus. 

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