We believe that paying attention to the ‘lived’ theology in the lives of those who labor everyday in the unpromising and blistered places of our city as well as the most powerful places of our city, will give people a glimpse of authentic faith among the vulnerable and the powerful, to give hope to those who have none today. We can’t do this alone. This takes a whole tribe. Many different traditions and disciplines are necessary for this kind of renewal. Creative new works must be formed and the vulnerable and marginalized need lots of people fighting for their equality of service and opportunity.

This is a movement that moves people to take ownership of their lives, of the world around them, of their neighbors next door. This is a call to be present, to reproduce authentic men and women who presence themselves in intentional ways among the most vulnerable and the most powerful, to live with eyes wide open. To confront injustice and make a difference where it’s needed.

We would like to invite you to consider financially supporting us as we are connecting and networking people all over the city to live out this new ethos. If you feel led to give to this work, you can give tax-deductible contributions online through CityServeAZ HERE. You will be prompted to either make a one-time donation or you can sign up for automatic monthly withdrawals. On this page, you will need to specify the payment for Jeff Skeens in the “Additional Comments” box. Feel free to email with any questions at Thanks for visiting. 

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